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2020  Burnaby Blooms

Burnaby B.C.  This festival has been postponed due to pandemic measures

2020  The Fledgelings

Vancouver B.C.  Two stainless steel fledgling birds learn to use assisted mobility at the B.C. Children’s Hospital

2018 Cameron Park Dragon Project

Burnaby B.C. Dragon nests and dragon gates add points of interest to this popular park

2017  Salmon Cycle

North Vancouver B.C. This whimsical water powered kinetic sculpture speaks of the eco-system an recreation at the new Delbrook             Recreation Centre.

2016  Love in the Rain

Vancouver B.C. A designated “love lock” sculpture crafted from stainless steel has been created for Queen Elizabeth Park. The timeless and elegant design speaks of love in the rainforest.

2014  Tidal Train

Port Moody B.C. This large human powered kinetic sculpture will soon stand in front of the City Hall and Port Moody Arts Centre.

2012  The Page Turner

Abbotsford B.C. This massive interactive kinetic sculpture stand in front of the new Collegiate and Library. The evolution of the written word is animated with some choice words from Shakespeare.

2011  Lamina Aqua

North Vancouver B.C. Lamina Aqua is an interpretation of laminar flow found in 3 sources related to the context and history of the former Plywood Technical Centre. The sculpture is composed of layered laminate composites that transform as light passes through the translucent material. This project has been granted an Award of Excellence from the City of North Vancouver.

2011 The Garden Project

Burnaby/Vancouver B.C. A series of large insects have been created with the support of Design 2 Grow. The sculptures have sections with living plants growing on the surface. The sculptures can be seen at various locations. (Metrotown, GNWC)

2010-11 Cameron Park Dragon Project

Burnaby B.C. The first dragon gate and a large living dragon sculpture have been integrated into this park revitalization project.

2010 Lightwave

North Vancouver B.C. The Lightwave sculpture translates the wave patterns of sound into dramatic waves of computer controlled LED lighting. The large interactive sculpture is activated by a nearby sculpture with an integrated microphone.

2010 Time Carriage

Burnaby B.C. This kinetic sculpture explores the possibility of time travel while referencing the siteʼs history as a stagecoach route. Water slowly rotates the wheels as the carriage sits still in the fountain.

2009 Confucian Fusion

Taiwan and Vancouver. This project received funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Public Dreams Society and the National Taiwanese Craft Research Institute. A large light sculpture and performance costumes were created in Taiwan while on a cultural exchange. The sculpture was presented in Taipei and was installed on Granville Street in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Games as part of the Cultural Olympiad and LunarFest.

2009 Illuminares

Vancouver. As the Community Artistic Producer, I worked with the Public Dreams Society for the presentation of the 20th anniversary of this large lantern festival in July 2009.

2009 Guardian Eagles

Burnaby B.C. This was a project for the 2009 World Police and Fire Games in collaboration with the Burnaby Parks Board. Six sculptures have been completed, each fifteen feet tall with a twenty foot wingspan. This innovative project has one side of each sculpture covered with living plants. The sculptures are installed at various sites including the PNE, Burnaby City Hall and Central Park.

2008 Free Rider

Burnaby Mountain Bicycle Skills Facility. This sculpture is a fusion of cycle and rider mounted 15 feet in the air.

2008 The Dragster

Burnaby B.C. A 30 foot long mobile living dragster sculpture was created. The sculpture has travelled to various events and locations. (PNE, Marine Drive).

2007 The Garden of Earthly Delights

Burning Man Festival Nevada USA. An Art Grant was awarded to present an installation at this high profile event.

2007 The Search Engine

Burnaby B.C. This large hybrid of metal and plants recognizes the legacy of the train engine that sank into Still Creek 100 years ago.

2007 The Seeds of Change and Floraforms

Holland Park, Surrey B.C. Ten large semitransparent sculptures celebrate the regionʼs food and medicinal plants. This collection of sculptures has received an American Galvanizing Association Award of Excellence.

2006 Carousel Horses

City of Burnaby. The first sculpture (Rosemary) was very well received and now we have now completed a second large carousel horse (Sage). This project has received various awards.

2005 Tancho Cranes

Two sets of sculptures were created and planted, one for Burnaby B.C. and one for Kushiro Japan. This project was completed in conjunction with the City of Burnaby, The Stream of Dreams environmental group and the City of Kushiro Japan. This project has won a National Parks Board Award of Innovation and a BCLNA award of excellence.

2005 Helping Hands Recognition Wall

Vancouver BC. Renfrew Community Centre This Community public art project integrated casts of the donorʼs hands into a sculpture to commemorate their new aquatic facility.



2003-2004 Art Institute Capilano College Diploma (Deanʼs List)

This is a post-graduate self-directed studio program.

2000-2001 Arte Sotto Un Tetto

Sculpture studies in Florence Italy and Pietrasanta Italy

1986-1992 McGill University Bsc.P.T.


Project Awards

2013 City of North Vancouver: Award of Excellence

2009 Canada Council for The Arts: Inter-arts grant

2009 Taiwanese National Craft Research Institute: Project grant

2008 Creative Cities Public Art Contest: Municipal World

2008 American Galvanizing Association Award of Excellence.

2007 Burning Man Art Grant

2006 Canadian Parks and Recreation Association: Award of Excellence and Innovation

2006 B.C. Landscape and Nursery Association: Award of Excellence



Bruce Voyce Sculptures is a sole proprietorship in good standing with the W.C.B.

Artwork will include a warrantee and maintenance coverage.

Bruce Voyce Sculptures maintains an ongoing five million dollar commercial general liability insurance policy.




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